No Bad Vibes Mist

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Pura Luna Botanical's Affirmation Mists pack a powerful punch of soothing self-care, energy clearing, and intention setting into each bottle. Formulation of each mist begins with a sacred smoke cleansing followed by addition of solar or lunar-charged crystals, moon water, and a custom blend of high-quality essential oilsEach affirmation mist is designed with a specific healing intention such as calling in prosperity, prophetic dreams, or personal power.

Our Full Moon Affirmation Mist is for anyone looking to embody their whole, abundant self and light up the world like the rising moon. Quartz crystal is included for its ability to amplify intentions. 

How to Use: Take a deep inhale and exhale to ground your energy. Hold the bottle against your heart to charge it with your personal energy. Spritz your face, aura, and sacred space with the mist while repeating the following affirmation aloud: 

"I am whole. I am brimming with abundance. I am illuminating and shine my light on the darkness."

Ingredients: Moon Water, Custom Essential Oil Blend, Quartz Crystal, Moon Magic, Love (botanical notes include lime, neroli, rose, geranium, ylang ylang, seasonal flower essences)