Forceshield Immune Support - For Kids!

Forceshield Immune Support - For Kids!

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Immunity support for kids! When our little ones get sick all systems go awry. Forceshield uses six masterfully curated botanicals to support a healthy immune system in children ages 2+

How To Use

Mix with water or non-citrus juice. Take 2x-3x per day. 2-4yrs: 10 drops; 4-8yrs: 15 drops; 8-12 yrs: 30 drops; 12yrs+: 45 drops


  • Preventative Immune Support

    Preventative Immune Support

  • Pediatrician Approved

    Pediatrician Approved

  • Made in the USA

    Made in the USA



Astragalus root

Citrus Peel

Chrysanthemum flower