Ritual Moon Kit

Ritual Moon Kit

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Holy Sponge! Ritual Moon Kits offer bleedin' folks a gentle, nurturing, and intuitive alternative to disposables. Our bodies are made up of water and sponges once lived in the ocean waters, why wouldn't you use these spongey allies on your moon cycle?! They're reusable too- each sponge lasts at least 3-6 cycles...good for the environment (think about the heaps of cotton in landfills) and good for the pocketbook (think about the money spent each month on disposables). Sponges are also soft, absorbent, and hygienic. 

Each kit includes:

+ Two sustainably-harvested sea sponges from the coast of Florida
+ Organic tea tree oil to disinfect the sponges with at the end of each cycle
+ A cotton bag to hold the sponges
+ Our Antispasmodic Balm for for kickin' cramps! Our Lady of Mercy Cramp Balm is listed with more details in our shop** The recipe emerged as a result of Daniela's horrible cramps and Janeen brewing up this mix to calm them. It actually worked, and it works for a lot of other crampin' bods. 

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Using sponges...*We recommend trying them out at home when you are first getting the hang of how they work!

1. Wet your sponge under warm water. 
2. Squeeze as much liquid out as possible. 
3. Insert as high up or back as possible (it tends to "drop" and get heavy as it fills up with liquid).
4. When full, remove sponge and rinse under warm water...and repeat. *Note: When removing and rinsing your sponge for the first time, make sure you are over a toilet and have access to a sink. If the sponge is full, you may have some fluids to navigate between the toilet and sink:)
5. At the end of the whole moon cycle, fill a small bowl with near boiling water, add a couple drops of tea tree oil (a little goes a LONG way). Alternatives to cleansing with tea tree oil include any of the following (but not in combination) 1. a tbs of hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 c water; 2. baking soda mixed with hot water, or 2. cider vinegar with water. Soak for 10 minutes with one of the listed cleansers and squeeze out, rinse with water. Store in clean, well ventilated area.
*For more detailed how-to's on using sponges and FAQ's, check out holysponge.net

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Sea sponges have been used for menstruation by coastal dwellers for thousands of years. Drawing from the wisdom of our coastal foremothers, sponges bring us back in sync with the natural rhythms of the tides and the moon. Corporations sell us toxic, single-use, landfill-bound disposables disguised as convenience, while sea sponges address the urgent call to action on behalf of our health and the environmental crisis. 

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We offer choices in size and density. 
SIZE is related to ANATOMY; DENSITY relates to FLOW.

A REGULAR DENSITY SPONGE: average absorbency- holding fluids for a few hours at a time. This is the option that works for 90% of bods. A medium to large is good for heavy-moderate days and a small size is good for the lighter days. 

SUPER SOFT DENSITY: Think slim or smaller...good for spotty to light flow. Silky soft yet less absorbent than the regular density.

VERY DENSE: High absorbency, holds a lot of fluid. These can be a bit coarse but work well for folks with very heavy bleeding. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or if you need further customization.

*If you have endometriosis, we suggest that you speak with a healthcare professional you trust about whether sponges may be right for you. 

See www.holysponge.net for additional information.
FB: https://www.facebook.com/spongekits