Sacred Space  Kit

Sacred Space Kit

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This Sacred Space Kit is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys meditation, yoga, or just connecting with the divinity within themselves.  All packaged in a keepsake wooden box. It comes with the following:

 Clearing Crystal Affirmation Mist:

The affirmation reads "Clear me. Cleanse me. I am open. I have peace." The ritual is to spray on the face, body, or the room.  Repeat affirmation as often as needed to create a peaceful calming experience. With botanical notes of Eucalyptus, White Sage, Thyme, Tulsi, Litsea. This soothing blend of essential oils creates an opening for a clear head space. Infused with a Peridot crystal for it's ability to balance emotions and the mind.

Lavender Bundle: A local organic bundle from June Bloom Farms in Lompoc, CA. To adorn a space or altar. May also be burned to smudge a room.

Sage Ritual Candle: A hand poured candle made in house- the scent of the candle may vary.

Crescent Moon Agate Crystal: Grounding, supportive for building foundations and security. Healing for the root chakra.