About Us



We are Ashe (L) and Christin (R), wife duo and owners of Pura Luna Apothecary, our sister companies Pura Luna Botanicals and Full Spiral Salon. After years of making people feel and look great on the outside, we are making our dream of creating wholeness and beauty on the inside/out, a reality. It is our goal to provide alternative herbal based methods for humans to heal themselves and empower them to do so with the help of their community. 

Our mission is to create sacred space to come together, learn, heal and grow. Our boutique has a plethora of beautiful things to smell, taste and touch. Most of our herbal medicinals, products, and gifts are made in house or by other women-owned/minority-owned ventures, as we aim to encourage and support small by making it our priority to solely stock our shelves with these creations.

We hope our shop becomes your sacred sanctuary that helps you heal and thrive!