Welcome to the Pura Luna Community! Here you will find out how to join us for our upcoming in-person and virtual retreats, events, and workshops. 


 Thursday, February 15th | 6:00pm | Shibari for the Bedroom | $60 -$120

Shibari for the Bedroom with our Friend Diosa Eros

Embark on a journey of intimacy and connection this Valentine's Week with our exclusive Shibari for Beginners and Couples Workshop

Join Sex Educator and Rope practitioner, Eros, for an unforgettable experience that promises to break the monotony in your bedroom and elevate your connection with your partner to new heights.

In this immersive class, you'll discover the art of sensual rope tying as Eros guides you through three distinct ties designed to add a touch of spice to your relationship. But this isn't just about knots and binds – it's about using rope as a sensory tool to explore the realms of smell, touch, sight, and sound. Unleash your creativity as you learn to craft a unique and personalized rope scene that resonates with your desires and fantasies.

But that's not all – this class goes beyond the physical, encouraging open dialogue between you and your partner. Explore your deepest desires, communicate your needs, and establish boundaries in a safe and supportive environment. Discover the importance of aftercare and strengthen the emotional connection that complements the physical intimacy.

Elevate your experience as you delve into the world of tease and denial, and power exchange. Eros will expertly guide you through playful exercises that will not only enhance your connection but also ignite the passion between you and your partner.

Leave this class with newfound knowledge, skills, and the ability to curate your ideal scene for an intimate and fulfilling relationship. Celebrate love, connection, and exploration this Valentine's Week in Santa Barbara – a truly unforgettable experience awaits you and your partner.




 Thursday, February 22nd | 5:30pm | Intuitive Arts Alchemy w/ Tizzle and Ashe | $99


Intuitive Arts Alchemy with Tizzle and Ashe

Connect to the elements thru art and aromas

2hr session includes creating Art, smelling, tapping into senses and elements and reflections.Each participant will take home:6 - 10ml droppers of essential/fragrance oil for each element2 - 5ml rollerball perfume bottles to continue creatingScent strips for sensing the aroma1 - 20ml bottle of carrier oil for blending1 - Mini Notebook for journaling/reflecting1 - Mixed Media/Multi sensory Abstract and Intuitively created Art piece.

L’lia “Tizzle” Thomas is an Intuitive Arts Maven, bespoke perfumer, astrologer, intuitive channel/medium, oracle card reader, and space holder for journeys. She has over 23 years of experience as an Arts educator and over 12 years perfume blending and a lifetime of channeling information. Tizzle loves to share, speak, listen and intuit from her heart. It’s an honor and privilege for her to work with beings to assist them in aligning with their highest timeline for their highest good. She loves helping others tap into the mystique of who they truly are through a variety of multidimensional practices! Follow her on social media, IG or Tiktok @aromachaura_ssm or visit her linktree to see all of her offerings:




Saturday, February 24th | 6:00pm - 8:30pm | Cosmic Harmony - Astrology’s Beautiful Gift of Polarity + Partnership | $44

Join Lady LaDonna x Pura Luna Apothecary for an evening of astrological exploration into the divine laws of partnership and opposition.

We will explore the planetary influences of love (self and relationship), partnership, and intimacy.

LaDonna will highlight the houses of the Zodiac where we can find themes around self love as well as love for another, indicating and confirming how each one of us has a unique vision, love language, and set of needs when it comes to love and relationships.

Looking forward to seeing you there and going deep together!

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